Central Harley-Davidson

Client: Central Harley-Davidson

Location: 725 North Rawhide Drive, Olathe, KS

Use: Motorcycle Dealership

Size: 48,500 s.f.

Completion: 2006

Visibility of hot new motorcycles for sale is the driving force of the 2-story design of this Harley Davidson dealership. Passing motorists on the adjacent I-35 Interstate Highway get an eye-level view of the upper level display windows, enticing them to exit and view up-close the available bikes. The tall angled entrance feature provides a signage backboard with an iconic Harley-Davidson logo profiled top edge. Riders of the local H.O.G. Chapter are accommodated with a large parking lot and access to bathrooms and meeting space. As a design/build project, this was a real team effort to achieve a design that highlights the quality of Harley-Davidson motorcycles and create excitement for potential riders and customers.