Gathering Area Expansion & LULA Elevator

Client: First United Methodist Church

Location: 422 Chestnut Street, Leavenworth, KS

Use: Worship, Fellowship, Christian Education

Size: 20,000 s.f.

Completion: 2009

Working within the existing space of the church, this project expands the original entrance Gathering Space and provides a new LULA (Limited Use Limited Application) elevator. By relocating and reusing the existing wall and large accordion doors between the Gathering Space and Sanctuary, a welcoming spacious greeting area is provided. Strategic location of a new LULA elevator makes the lower level Fellowship Hall more accessible to the congregation while limiting its impact on main floor circulation space.

Another aspect of the project includes replacement of the two south facing exterior doors of the Gathering Space. Working closely with the building committee, the solution is new custom made insulated fiberglass doors which replicate the previous wood panel doors. Created using mold forms made directly from the previous doors, these provide a more stable product less susceptible to deterioration from sun and moisture exposure.