Hernly Residence

Client: Stan & Joni Hernly

Location: Res, KS

Use: Residential, Single-family

Size: 2,000 s.f.

Completion: 1987-1999

This 1906 single family house, in a local historic district, was purchased by Stan and Joni Hernly (Owners of Hernly Associates, Inc.) in 1987 and became their residence and restoration design “laboratory” over the next 13 years. On the first floor, the bathroom and laundry room were relocated, the kitchen was gutted and rebuilt, walls were removed to create larger connected spaces, and a previous rental apartment was converted to professional office space. On the second floor, the bathroom was re-organized to provide two vanities and over-sized tub/shower, bedroom finishes were cleaned up, and the wall around the stairway was shortened to guardrail height to make the circulation space brighter and more pleasant. All of the electrical, plumbing, and heating/cooling systems were replaced, plaster was patched, and wood flooring was refinished and/or replaced. This hands-on background provides a strong framework for all of the preservation and restoration work completed by our firm.