South Massachusetts Street Survey

Client: City of Lawrence

Location: Lawrence, Kansas

Completion: 2008

Hernly Associates conducted the historic preservation survey of South Massachusetts Street from 23rd to 13th Streets in 2008.  The City of Lawrence/Douglas County Planning Department initiated this survey with assistance from the Kansas Historic Preservation Office (KHPO).  Conclusions from the survey aided the Department in identifying historic resources as outlined in the proposed Preservation Plan Element of Horizon 2020, the comprehensive plan for Lawrence.  Primary funding was provided by a Historic Preservation Fund Grant, administered by the KHPO. 

Massachusetts Street is a minor arterial street, but it is particularly important as a gateway to the historic central business district of Lawrence.  The surveyed area has a mix of uses with commercial and institutional nodes at 13th, 15th, 17th, and 19th Streets.  Also, there are a few multi-family residential buildings between 14th and 19th Streets.  However, the primary use is single-family residential and the scale, massing, setback, and materials of these buildings define the fundamental architectural character of South Massachusetts Street.