Nemaha County Jail & Sheriff’s Residence

Client: Nemaha County Historical Society

Location: 6th Street & Nemaha Street, Seneca, KS

Use: County Historical Museum

Size: 5,280 s.f.

Completion: 2006 & 2009

Historic Structure Report

The 2006 Historic Structure Report prepared by Hernly Associates identifies original 1879 components of the structure, 1907 modifications and additions to the structure, and other subsequent changes. A key finding of the report identifies the west porch as needing immediate restoration and stabilization to curtail further deterioration and make that feature safe and usable.

Porch Restoration

The two phase restoration, completed in 2009, includes replacement of the original terrazzo porch flooring, stabilization of the masonry porch columns and stone handrails, and restoration of the wood T&G porch ceiling. Geotechnical investigation identified the porch column instability as eccentric loading of the concrete footings; the original footings were not installed in the proper locations. The porch floor deterioration (caused by rusting of steel reinforcing in the concrete sub-floor) is corrected by removal of the most severely deteriorated areas (two original portions preserved) and installation of fill material, new concrete slab, and terrazzo to match the original as closely as possible. Closing off the under-slab space is detailed in a manner to retain as nearly as possible the original visual appearance of the stone arch openings.